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Jim Carrey on life and the law of attraction

I really like what Jim has to say about how to live a great life. The way he describes life opening doors all the time is so true.

It’s a long video (26:08) but it’s really worth a watch if you want some motivation to achieving your goals! Enjoy!

Why my Christmas iPhone game flopped!

In December 2013 I really wanted to have a Christmas themed iPhone game on the app store. I was struggling for ideas. Luckily my girlfriends little 9 year old brother was not struggling for ideas.

The little genius came up with a concept in under a minute. I wrote it down and got coding!

So the idea of the game is you play as Santa, and Santa’s elves have turned evil because they’re annoyed at the amount of work they have to do and they think Santa is lazy. So they’ve revolted and stolen all the present and decide to scatter them from the skies. As Santa you have to catch the falling presents and deliver them down chimneys as best as you can.

I know right! Nothing better than a Christmas game  idea straight from the mind of a child!

Before I explain further, you can see a video clip here:

And if you want to play it you can download it from the App store by clicking here!

So the question is, why did it flop? And to what degree was this so-called floppiness at?

Well the simple fact was, it only got about 80 downloads. This was down to bad timing. I firmly believe that it would have done better because from a gameplay point of view I think it’s addictive and from a few other people that have played it they thought it was too.

So the bad timing. I released it on the 21st December, literally the day that Apple knocked off to fill their stockings and be merry. So no chance of getting featured by Apple (long shot).

The other thing about bad timing, because I was rushing the game out in time for release before Christmas I didn’t have time to do any beta releases for review sites. I only started submitting for reviews after it was released. I have no idea why it didn’t cross my mind sooner that no one is going to reply because IT’S CHRISTMAS!

So those were the main reasons why it didn’t do better.

Failure is a really great thing though. It’s not failing that matters, it’s how you move forward from the failure that matters. What you do next.

So I can compile a little guide of sorts here to anyone interested in how to not fail as bad as I did!

  1. Make a plan and schedule before you start. Know when you plan to release and when you’ll have something you can pre-release to review sites.
  2. Make a list of review sites who will take a pre-release and review it for you to hopefully get some hype. Let them know when it will release.
  3. Have your app website setup with an email opt-in list and put a gameplay teaser on that to generate hype and capture email addresses who you can email when the game goes live to get a spike of downloads the first day.
  4. Drive traffic to the App site from social media.
  5. Allow a week or so for Apple to review your app. e.g. if you go live on 10th June, submit it on the 3rd June and schedule the release for 10th once it’s approved by Apple.
  6. Follow Apple guidelines – come on guys it’s not hard – it’ll save you the headache later. I was lucky that I got approved first time. I put that down to making sure I stuck to the rules.
  7. Have a good game with good quality artwork and gameplay (of course!)

Sometimes if you’re strapped for time and you haven’t finished it’s not the end of the world. Release what you got, in as polished a way as possible. Then work on an update and roll it out a few days later. When you update you get more downloads for some reason!

So there you have it, my experience so far with the App store. I’m just glad I got started. Subscribe to this site and I’ll let you know when my next game comes out!


“But Forex is gambling though, isn’t it?”

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